(Aid for Baby Boomers and Their Children)

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What documents are needed NOW!!

When my wife’s parent became ill and needed more care than we could give them we needed several documents immediately.  The most important was a Power of Attorney since we needed to start making decision for them.  The sooner you have this document the better.  If the person is not mentally capable of giving you their Power of Attorney them it may be too late.  A Will, an Advance Health Care Directive and a Trust are the other “most” important documents to have in your possession as soon as possible!  Below is a short and beginning list of the most important documents needed but not all.  Another post coming soon will list others.  Study these and make sure you understand them.

The Most Important Documents for Boomers and their Children!

Will (especially if you have under age children)

Many Boomers do not have a will.   Having a lawyer’s help is the best way to create a will but its important to have a will now.  Click here to discover what your state requires and you can have a will today.

Advance Directive or Advance Health Care Directive

When visiting your doctor you may have been asked if you have an Advance Health Care Directive, Click here
to discover what they mean.  If you are ever incapacitated it will be very important to your family members to have these instructions.  Also known as Living Will, Health Care Proxy and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)


What is a “Trust”, how is it different from a Will?  Click Here for a definition of a Trust.

Power Of Attorney

Wow!!  This is a complicated one.  Be sure to read the whole definition.  Click Here to find out about Power of Attorney and what it can mean to you and your family.

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