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How can Veterans stay home, not a Nursing Home

How to keep your Veteran parents at their home, not the Nursing Home!

Many World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans are at the age where they need extra care due to their health.  With Nursing Homes being possible “hot spots’ for the Covid-19 Virus, staying at home is even more critical!

If you have a loved one who is a veteran or spouse of a veteran, then you need to investigate the  VA’s Aid and Attendance Program!  If eligible, you can receive up to $1,788 Monthly individually or $2,120 monthly with a dependent.  Two married veterans can receive up to $2,809 monthly.

These monthly checks can go a long way to pay for “at-home” health care.

When our veteran parents needed this help from the VA, we were totally unaware of it.  Many of our friends who are veterans and need that aide do not know about it.  It seems like it’s a secret.

Nursing homes, even when our parents were there, could be breeding grounds for infections.  The one we encountered most often was the Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)!  The nursing home staff tried to stay on top of it and would close wards off and keep people in their rooms when it broke out.  Covid-19 seems to be much more contagious than UTI so I cannot imagine how much harder it is to contain.

Here’s the VA web site you can access to learn more about this benefit and how to apply for it.  Click here. Do not assume your veteran or spouse of a veteran does not qualify, it could mean an extra check each month to save your loved one.

Pass it on and tell every veteran or veteran spouse you know!   Leave a comment below and I’ll send you an 800 number to see if you qualify for this benefit.

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