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Personal story on admission to a Veteran’s Nursing Home

Recently, I was asked for help in finding a long-term care facility for the husband of a friend who is presently very ill and in a rehabilitation facility.  Since he is a veteran, I contacted a Veteran’s Home in a town nearest to our friend’s home with the following discoveries.

Speaking by phone to the Veterans Home’s Admission Director, I asked the following questions and got the following answers from the director.

  1. What is the application process for this veteran who is presently in a rehabilitation facility in a nearby town? The Admission Director said that the present facility would have to send them a referral for a transfer to the Veteran’s Home.
  2. When asked if there was a waiting list, the Admission Director said there is a waiting list but because he was presently in a rehabilitation center he could be admitted, if eligible, without being on the waiting list.
  3. When asked about the Per Diem afforded to veterans at the Veteran’s Home, the Admission Director stated that he would be eligible for the 110 dollars per day if admitted and he would be responsible for the remainder of 155 dollars.
  4. When asked about the possibility of Aid and Attendance funds for veterans and if he got those funds could they be used for paying the 155 dollars per day. The Admission Director stated that he could use that money to pay toward the 155 dollars, his part of the daily rate.
  5. The veteran is also receiving dialysis three days per week and when asked about help with getting to those appointments the Admission Director stated that the patient would have to contract with a local company to receive those treatments.

The answers from the Admission Director were very encouraging and I would advise our friend to visit the Veteran’s Home and get confirmation on all these questions since the answers are to my best recollection and need to be doubled checked in case I misunderstood.

Plus, a personal visit would give our friend a close look at the staff and the facility to see it is a good fit for her husband.

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