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Surviving Covid-19, “so far”

Sometime in March 2020, my wife and I became convinced that Covid-19 was something to avoid. Regardless of all the politics, we had friends and family members catching the virus. Some with light or no symptoms and some with very bad symptoms. The worst case was a good friend and neighbor who died from the virus.

So far we have been able to avoid catching the virus. Here’s what we’ve been doing;

1. We have avoided crowds as much as possible. When we are in a crowded situation we try to stay the recommended distance of 6 feet, wear a mask and wash our hands as often as possible.

2. We do our best to not touch our face when we’ve been close to others until we’ve washed our hands or use a hand sanitizer which we keep with us at all times. A doctor friend said that not touching your face is possibly one of the best ways to avoid catching the virus.

3. We wear a mask when around other people, such as in the grocery store, restaurant, retail stores, etc. We limit our time in these places as much as possible.

4. Took our flu shot as soon as it was available.

5. We take Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc every day to boost our immune system.

6. We have taken a daily probiotic for years which I’m convinced has helped both of us stay healthy. Not sure if it has any effect on boosting our immune systems against the virus.

7. For exercise we’ve been going for a mile to two mile walk almost everyday.

8. While not going to church as usual, we been attending online and continuing to read the Bible everyday.

I don’t think the actions above will guarantee freedom from the virus, but “so far” we are clear of it. We will take the vaccine as soon as it is available.

For more information go to the CDC link:    CDC Link

Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing to survive this pandemic.

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