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Senior Citizens Need Help – July 20, 2019

Senior Citizens Need Help

Even though we started getting mail when we turned forty from organizations telling us we were now seniors, my wife and I did not know how much we needed help as Senior Citizens until we were in our fifties. We didn’t even know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid!

Tipping Point

The tipping point was when my wife’s parents needed our help to live at home. Her father started have mini-seizures and before long he could not take care of himself at home even with his wife’s and our help. After many trips to the hospital and stays in rehabilitation centers, he became confined to a long term care health center for his care.

Medicare vs. Medicaid?

At that point, we did not even know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. We soon learned that to pay the super expensive care of a long term care facility, we had to get him on Medicaid.

The High Cost of Long Term Care

Soon after, his wife, my wife’s mother, was diagnosed with Alzheimer and had to be admitted into a special long term care facility in another town for her care. The cost of these two facilities was over 10,000 dollars per month! They could not afford that and we were forced to learn all about Medicaid and how it is different from Medicare.

If you are in your fifties, this will be valuable information for both you and your parents! Medicare/Medicaid

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This is my first blog in this website. Come back for more in the coming days.

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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for writing this post! And I appreciate reading about your experience. I have bookmarked your site because this is a very important topic and I want to learn more. I know they’re 2 separate programs. They are operated and funded by different parts of the government. But I don’t know anything else about their differences.

    1. Thanks for your comment!  I’m still researching and learning about these programs too.  The biggest difference we learned is that Medicare does not pay the cost of a Long Term Health Care Facility or Nursing Home.  Medicare still pays for the health care cost but only Medicaid pays for the Nursing Home cost.  Medicaid is a combined Federal and state program so each state may differ in how they operate the program.  I plan to blog more about these differences and how they may affect you.  If you have someone who needs long term care, my best advice is to check with your state’s Medicaid office and get their help and advice on what to do.

  2. You are right in that a person usually is not ready to become a senior. It becomes challenging when we need to assist our parents and still give them the respect they deserve as parents. Thank you for providing the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Good to hear you are going to continue this discussion.  

  3. Hi. I was looking for some information about Medicare and then, I came across to Your web-site. First,by reading this short story I fell so sorry about Your wife’s parents. They are suffering and glad to hear that Your wife’s fathers eventually has become confident for long term care in the health care center. I hope You and Your family always stay happy and health. Congratulation on your first blog. Your site is nice and clean. I wish You all the success.

    1. Thanks for your comment!  Both our parents have passed away now and we were amazed at how much we did not know about many end of life situations.  My goal is to continue to research and blog about these issues to help others in these situations.  Tony

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